The Growing

The Growing is an evergreen craft-tank. Its practice is rooted in architecture but branches across a range of spaces, from the two dimensional space of a piece of paper to the ephemeral dance stage, from the shared street to the experiential and the virtual, passing through the minutia of a system or a building material.

The founding and current members of The Growing met in 2010 at the start of their journey studying at the Architectural Association. Nine years later, now qualified ARB Architects, the members set up The Growing as a collective and specifically as
a means to support the interests and the varied practices of each member, using collaboration as medium for responding to a range of creative briefs.

As architects we share the organisational rigour required by our profession yet our skill-sets encompass a wider terrain of disciplines, including performance, installation art and the use of the built environment as a vehicle for social justice. We seek to find the right species for the right conditions; our design process is fueled by nurturing imaginative and beautiful solutions to delicate questions.

Albane Duvillier
Eléonore Audi
Gulsah Unal
Hélène Solvay
Stefan Jovanović
Konstatilenia Koulouri