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Eléonore Audi specialises in creating immersive environments, both physical and virtual. She is interested in using drawing as a tool to convey spatial experiences. Through meticulously and obsessively crafting large scale drawings, she constructs inhabitable spaces. Throughout her studies at the AA, Eleonore won a number of awards for her imaginative and socially concious design work. Her thesis project featured in Blueprint and she was identified as one of the most promising design graduates of 2016.

Eléonore currently works with Theseus Agency in London, where she designed an inflatable building, commissioned by BBC Studios, to house an educative experience for children. Most recently she created an ‘Artificial Forestry’ for the online platform ‘Children of Cyberspace Gallery in the Clouds’, in the form of a hand-drawn 360° forest immersion, bringing into verdant relief the drudgery of the Covid19 lockdown circumstances.