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Hélène Solvay is fascinated by a notion of inhabitation which isn’t confined to a building or room but includes all aspects of design and manufacture. Juxtaposing the notion of inhabitation with that of specific identity and character has led her to believe in the power of place, and place-making. Following graduation in 2016 she worked for Morris+Company Architects (previously Duggan Morris Architects) for 3 years , during which she developed her technical skills and her ability to develop carefully considered responses to a variety of briefs . She has experience working on residential and workplace schemes .

Most recently, she was able to explore the idea of place-making in an unconventional way, leading the architecture collective Londonon’s contribution for the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale. Working with the Triennale theme of Degrowth,  and using food as a metaphor for architecture - from production to consumption by way of transportation and through to waste management, food and construction industries hold countless similarities. Her study took the form of an exploration into the possibilities of a bowl of humble onion soup - from an onion skin dyed tablecloth to collaborating with material experts to create a new form onionskin based bio-plastic, as well as investigations into the potential positive social effects of small scale urban food production.